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Insurance Policy

The current state of our Healthcare system could more accurately be called “sick care”. Medical doctors are trained to react to symptoms, usually in the way of prescribing a pharmaceutical drug. Unfortunately, the insurance community follows suit, usually only covering care that addresses disease states once they present, rather than preventing disease states, claiming all other care is “medically unnecessary” and not payable.

Diets of high sugar, low-nutrient, hormone-laden foods, stress, and a sedentary lifestyle make Americans prone to illnesses that are chronic, complex, lifelong, and life-shortening. Yet, depending on your definition, we spend only 1-3% of our $2 Trillion medical costs on maintaining health and wellness.

At Vibrant Life Oklahoma we believe that maintaining health is far more cost-effective in the long run. Less time off work and lost wages. And, experiencing a diminished quality of life while waiting for a condition to progress to the point that an insurance company would pick-up 50% of your bill (if any), is not a good exchange!

It’s time to think differently about “wellness care”. It’s our goal to raise people’s awareness of taking ownership of their own health, and empower them with the education and resources to do just that. Unfortunately, until the state of our current healthcare system changes, many of the services we offer at Vibrant Life are not covered by insurance. We endeavor to make our services available to you at a fair cost, and some Health Savings Accounts can be used for payment.

True, vibrant health isn’t found in one magic trip to the doctor’s office, but rather, consists of daily choices in what we eat, what we think, how we move our bodies, and how we interact with others and our Creator. Join us on the journey together toward a more Vibrant Life!