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How Is Intravenous Vitamin Therapy Beneficial?

What is IV Therapy?

IV therapy is a medical and therapeutic method to quickly deliver vitamins and minerals directly into an individual’s bloodstream. There are numerous ways that an individual can benefit from this type of IV therapy. Most individuals do not consume a balanced diet that is able to provide their body with sufficient levels of basic and vital nutrients. Additionally, an individual who experiences chronic stress will deplete their levels of these nutrients quicker than someone who is not.

Numerous environmental pollutants can cause the nutrient levels in the food that an individual consumes to become depleted. When food is grown in soil that has poor nutrient content, the crop itself will also be deficient in nutrients. Other practices, including genetic modification of food, can also decrease the amount of nutrients that are available through an individual’s everyday diet.

Vibrant Life Tulsa IV therapy provides vitamins and nutrients to the individual much quicker and in larger concentrations than oral supplementation does. IV therapy vitamins are able to completely bypass the digestive system and its processes, allowing individuals to receive vitamins and minerals that they cannot absorb effectively. The direct delivery of the IV therapy into the bloodstream allows these nutrients to saturate into tissues around the body better than nutrients that have endured the digestive processes. This mechanism initiates an immediate therapeutic response that provides immune system stimulation, energy level enhancement, stress relief, and better sleep.

Who Gets Intravenous Vitamin Therapy?

IV therapy is built around the needs of the receiving individual. Several factors are taken into consideration when formulating an intravenous vitamin therapy plan. Past medical history, chronic conditions, age, overall health, personal goals, and the recommendation of a Tulsa IV therapy specialist are all greatly considered.

Intravenous vitamin therapy can be used in individuals who do not have a chronic illness or medical problem to help their body function at an optimum level. However, IV therapy is also highly recommended for those who suffer from numerous medical conditions, diseases, and ailments. These medical issues include hypertension, asthma, chronic fatigue syndrome, hepatitis, Parkinson’s disease, muscle spasms, chronic sinusitis, cardiovascular disease, anxiety, and chronic migraines. Furthermore, intravenous vitamin therapy is often advised for individuals who suffer from cancer, chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder, fibromyalgia, diabetes, depression, macular degeneration, upper respiratory tract infections, seasonal allergic rhinitis, and adrenal fatigue.

Why Is Intravenous Vitamin Therapy Beneficial?

There is a various span of benefits to the use of IV therapy depending on which type of infusion an individual chooses to have. There are generally six different kinds of intravenous vitamin infusion formulas.

High dose vitamin C infusions provide the benefit of immune system function enhancement that can be delivered in concentrations that have a greater effect than that of oral vitamin C supplements. This formula helps the immune system identify, encompass, and eliminate foreign and toxic substances from the body more effectively. It also increases the production of certain immune system components that amplify the body’s ability to fight off chronic viruses. When the immune system is operating at an optimal level, it stops infection-causing pathogens from using up nutrients that are required for the production of cellular energy. This process helps to fight chronic fatigue and immune deficiency. Furthermore, high levels of vitamin C stimulate the production of hydrogen peroxide in the body that can kill off malignant and precancerous cells.

The hydrogen peroxide infusion formula inhibits the normal life cycle and sustainability of most pathogenic viruses and bacteria. Hydrogen peroxide stimulates the release of singular oxygen molecules into the individual’s bloodstream. Numerous pathogens are often unable to survive in environments that contain hydrogen peroxide and oxygen molecules. Cancerous and pre-cancerous cells also exhibit these same anaerobic properties. The hydrogen peroxide formula decreases numbers of cancerous cells and harmful pathogens in addition to promoting the oxidization of toxins in the body. Oxidized toxins are packaged in a way that makes it easier for the kidneys and liver to process and remove from the body.

The IV therapy alpha lipoic acid formula provides the benefit of cancer defense improvement to the body. Free radicals are harmful substances that react with oxygen and produce toxic byproducts that damage tissues throughout the body. Alpha lipoic acid has the ability to attach to these oxygen-reactive species, preventing them from reacting and causing cellular destruction. Less cellular destruction from free radicals lowers the probability of a DNA mutation that causes the development of malignancy. Alpha lipoic acid is known to be effective at decreasing blood glucose levels and can be especially beneficial for those with diabetes and insulin resistance.

The glutathione formula used in IV therapy is derived from a certain amino acid that is highly congregated in the liver. This formula is beneficial for individuals who are looking to flush toxins out of their body or have trouble with their natural mechanisms of doing so. Toxins in the body are transported to the liver where enzymes are produced in order to carry out the function of converting the toxin into a compound that able to be flushed from the body. Glutathione is responsible for binding to these toxin-converted compounds and transporting them out of the body through bile or urine. It is important to replace this enzyme because its stores in the body are depleted, and production slows down with the aging process. Furthermore, oral administration of glutathione is ineffective because it is poorly absorbed in the digestive tract.

Myer’s cocktail is an IV therapy blend of several minerals and vitamins that are known to enhance the actions of the immune system. It is used to help with frequent and chronic fatigue, asthma symptoms, and symptoms of fibromyalgia.

Chelation therapy is an IV therapy formula of ethylenediamine tetraacetic acid or EDTA that functions to remove heavy metals from an individuals bloodstream. EDTA does this by binding to the molecules of calcium, iron, and lead. The bound molecules are then transported to the kidneys that filter them out and excrete them through the urine. EDTA also helps with decreasing any damage from free radicals that can cause the development of malignancy and or atherosclerosis.

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