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10 Health Benefits of IV Vitamin Therapy

Normally, food and conventional medication have to pass through the process of digestion. The stomach is a significant part of the digestive system where the acidic environment aid in the breakdown of drugs or food. Digestion process continues in the small intestines where absorption takes place. The absorbed molecules and minerals are transported to the liver for detoxification.

Since the process of assimilating the vitamins and other minerals from food is a long process, IV vitamin therapy is used as an alternative. What is IV vitamin therapy? It is the direct administration of vitamins into the bloodstream intravenously. The process ensures the vitamins are absorbed 100% compared to orally taking food or supplements.

IV therapy has been practiced for decades to treat patients with different medical conditions. However, recent advancement has made the therapy to be used to improve vitamin deficiencies and revitalize the body. Below are some of the benefits of the IV therapy.

i. Guaranteed absorption

The ability to absorb vitamins and other minerals from ingested food and supplements can be interrupted by many factors denying the body nutrients to function correctly. However, IV therapy guarantees 100% absorption of the vitamins within a short time enabling the body to utilize them immediately.

ii. Boost the energy and immune system

IV vitamin therapy can help boost your immune system to fight against pathogen invasion. Additionally, the therapy enables the body to keep high energy levels making you feel refreshed and energized.

iii. Instant rehydration

Staying hydrated is crucial in maintaining the function of every body organ. Research has shown that IV vitamin therapy is one of the most effective ways of providing the body with optimal hydration. This helps to prevent diseases such as kidney stones, constipation, etc.

iv. Various treatment options

There is a variety of IV therapy options available to cater for different preferences and nutritional needs. The Myers cocktail is one of the most popular IV therapy developed by Dr. John Myer. The cocktail can be customized to address the nutritional deficiencies of an individual. For example, the migraine cocktail is used for individuals suffering from chronic migraines.

v. Short treatment time

The process of administering the IV therapy is quick and can be completed within an hour or less. Additionally, the process is not painful, and all you need to do is relax and enjoy the process.

vi. Eliminates the need for supplements

Most people rely on supplements to provide them with essential nutrients. IV therapy treatments eliminate the need for the expensive supplements. Customized treatment ensures you get precise body needs and the frequencies required.

vii. Preventive healthcare

Preventive health care includes the measures taken to prevent diseases and decrease risk factors associated with illness. It has gained popularity in the recent past due to the prevalence of chronic diseases. IV therapy is an effective preventive strategy. For instance, studies have shown that vitamin C is toxic to cancer cells. Also, vitamin C and B6 help to build an active immunity against diseases.

viii. Instantaneous results

Ingested food or medication can take up to two days before they are completely digested and absorbed. However, IV therapy provides results within a matter of hours.

ix. Good for your workouts

Intense workouts result in tired muscles and exhaustion. IV therapy can help to improve recovery from workouts by replenishing the lost energy. Also, the therapy helps to rehydrate the body after the intense sweating during workouts.

x. Helps to counter the effects of environmental toxins

The environment contains toxins that can negatively affect your health and appearance. The IV therapy contains vitamins that provide the body with antioxidants that reduce the risk of many diseases and keep the skin healthy.

If you are interested in receiving IV therapy, it is important to ensure the clinic you choose is staffed by qualified physicians or nurses certified in delivering IVs. You should receive a medical evaluation before you are correctly cleared for the procedure. You must have the opportunity to communicate your medical history, advise any medications you are taking or allergies you have so that your treatment can be customized to your needs. Approach IV therapy as a part of the whole plan of good health including proper nutrition, regular exercise and sufficient sleep.

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