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How Integrative Cancer Treatment Can Be Another Tool in the Fight Against Cancer

Chemotherapy. Radiation. Surgery. Medication. Each one of these treatments is designed to fight cancer. These treatments also deplete the immune system. The body is inundated with medicines that are targeted to kill cancer cells. As the treatment continues, the healthy cells may be prevented from getting the nutrition they require. The healthy cells can become malnourished. The patient’s energy and resistance levels may be run down.

The vitamins and minerals that are part of a good diet can keep a person well. However, cancer cells deprive healthy cells of needed nutrients. IV therapy can supplement the cells’ nutrition level. IV therapy can boost the immune system and increase energy levels.

What Is Integrative Cancer Treatment?

Integrative cancer treatment is the combination of traditional cancer treatments with vitamin and mineral supplements, delivered by IV therapy. Usually done in a doctor’s office or clinic, it is similar to having an IV started for chemotherapy.

Integrative Cancer Treatment (IV Therapy) – Food for the Cells

Integrative cancer treatment therapy is an adjunct treatment. It does not interfere with chemotherapy, medications or radiation. It is nutrition for the cells. The vitamins and minerals are sent directly into circulation throughout the body. Bypassing the stomach and digestive system allows for “tissue saturation”; the tissues absorb a much higher level of nutrients. Not only do nutrients flood the cells, they also repair and restore their defenses and energy. The dosage and type of nutrients will depend on different factors: patient’s overall health, type of cancer, area of the body being treated, how well the current treatment regime is being tolerated and any nutritional deficiencies that need to be treated.

What Kind of Vitamins/Minerals Are Used in Integrative Cancer Treatment?

Different vitamins correct different deficiencies. Following are a list of benefits provided by some vitamins.

Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) is an oxidizing agent. The extra oxygen molecule can kill cancer cells by stimulating the release of more oxygen cells. Oxygen starves cancer cells. These oxidized cells bind with the cancer cells and make it easier for toxins to be eliminated. Toxic bacteria and cancer cells thrive in an oxygen-depleted environment. By creating an oxygen-rich environment, the body can keep the cells healthy and kill cancer cells.

Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA)

Free radicals are atoms that can damage a cell by altering its chemical structure. Illness is the result. ALA binds to free radicals and increases levels of glutathione, Vitamins C and E and coenzyme Q10. This increase helps heal the cells.

Vitamin C

Intravenous vitamin C can deliver a higher, more effective dose than oral ingestion. The higher dose produces hydrogen peroxide (see above), increasing the amount of oxygen available to the cells. Vitamin C can help fight fatigue and assist with immune system deficiencies.


The liver is the body’s detoxification center. First the liver must change the toxins to a substance that can be eliminated from the body. Glutathione, an anti-oxidant, then collects the toxins and helps flush them out through bile and urine. Although the body produces glutathione naturally, an illness such as cancer can reduce it to an almost ineffective level. Augmenting the system’s glutathione with an IV infusion may help prevent disease and take away toxic cells.

Myers Cocktail

This is a mixture of vitamins and minerals that will boost the immune system. It may also help with fatigue. This IV therapy can be especially helpful when completed in conjunction with chemotherapy and radiation.

What Are The Advantages of Integrative Cancer Treatment?

Studies have shown that when supplemental vitamin and mineral IV therapies are added to a cancer treatment regime, the cell nutrients stay in the bloodstream longer and at a higher level. As a result, the cells are getting a more consistent and longer-lasting dose. Side effects from IV nutritional therapy have been shown to be minimal.


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