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Live toxin free!Learn about the detoxification treatments we can do for you.

Health treatment that focuses on you

IV Therapy

  • Flu/cold symptoms
  • Drug & alcohol detox and recovery
  • Fatigue, overweight, and loss of energy
  • Integrative cancer treatment
  • Gardasil vaccine injury recovery
  • Jet lag and hangovers


  • Sports injuries
  • Chronic back pain
  • Fatigue, overweight, and loss of energy
Nutrition Regeneration Detoxification

"I was a 29 years old alcoholic and told I needed a liver transplant and was sent home from the hospital to be on hospice. My mom gave Dr. Warren a call and it changed my life. I suggest anyone who has an addiction to give the Warren's a call."- Raechel M

Why we do what we do.

At Vibrant Life Oklahoma, we realized that our patients feel much better and recover quicker when they are treated in the comfort of their own home. Dr. Warren felt that, just as he did when he was being treated, his patients would love being able to have health and wellness brought right to them in their own home. Vibrant Life Oklahoma is the product of all of these personal events the Warren family experienced. VLO aspires to make you the best version of you through detoxification, nutrition, and regeneration.