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Making You Feel Your Best

Making You Feel Your Best

This content was written for Vibrant Life Oklahoma

Have you ever heard of intravenous nutritional therapy? If not, this article will tell you all about the positive benefits that Tulsa IV therapy can have for you. If you’re someone who suffers from bad nutrition, poor health, or a list of other diseases, you can definitely benefit from this nutrition therapy. The process that Dr. Warren and Vibrant life Oklahoma focuses on has to do with nutrition, regeneration, and detoxification. We will go over each one of these think specifically throughout this article and all you need to do now to book your first appointment is to call 918-342-9803.

First you need to know to Dr. Warren is you can gain the trust for him and a respect for him like so many hundreds of patients already. That is one way you can know you can trust him is because so many patients have already trusted them before you. Dr. Warren began his chiropractic studies at Parker University in 1994. He earned his doctorate in 1998 and he came to Oklahoma where he opened his practice in Claremore. He opened Rogers County chiropractic in July 1998. He still operates out of this office as well. He wanted to create a place where you could be healthy and that is why he created Vibrant Life Oklahoma.

In 2010 Dr. Warren went through a very hard crisis where he dealt with a health crisis himself. He was hospitalized for extended period of time. He actually was able to recover at his own home for half of his recovery. After this traumatic incident, he had a moment of clarity in the realization. He realized that if he could offer the same type of recovery and treatment program in people’s own homes, they would be much more beneficial to the patients. He realized this and decided to start Vibrant Life Oklahoma shortly afterwards. Good thing he did, because so many people have reaped the benefits already.

Starting a home recovery and nutrition program was something of a goal of his ever since his accident. Ever since then, he has been helping people with Tulsa IV therapy realize their goals. Whatever your goals are he wants to help you with those because he was able to succeed with his own goals after recovering at home as well. Dr. Warren really invests his time in his patients and make sure that all of the medications are custom tailored to them. Did you even know that custom tailored medications were thing? They actually are and they can make a big difference because they are custom fit for your body and made to help your cells and your body thrive.

When your body is thriving with Dr. Warren there’s nothing you won’t be able to do. That’s why Tulsa IV therapy is highly recommended by doctors all over the industry. If you have a disorder where your cells are not getting enough nutrients, that is when you need to look into this. To find out more get out the specifics of IV therapy to get on their website at and meet the doctor today. He is ready to meet you and excited about what the possibilities of IV therapy will look like for you. There is a lot that they can do for you to help your nutrition regeneration and detoxification and get you on the road to health when you call 918-342-9803. Member to ask for your risk free consultation in your own home or your office.

Meeting A Great Doctor

This content was written for Vibrant Life Oklahoma

Meeting a doctor like Dr. Warren at Vibrant Life Oklahoma can make all the difference in your Tulsa IV therapy. If you have been doing IV therapy before without much success, don’t give up. The reason that it might not have worked as well as it should is because it was not concocted by a doctor like Dr. Warren who knows you and invest his time to understand your disease or disorder. Some doctors just give you the same old stuff every time no matter who you are or what your issue is. But that is not the way to get results and that is why you should call 918-342-9803 instead of going to your current doctor.

Dr. Warren is a doctor who we need to tell you a little bit about two you can get to know him. Before he started giving people Tulsa IV therapy, he had a chiropractic office in Claremore. He still operates out of that office but he also has this business call Vibrant Life Oklahoma. The reason he started this was because in 2010 he went through a very traumatic health crisis. He had to do a lot of hospital time but was able to also recovered his own home. You know what that led him to do? We will are about to tell you what that led him to do because it led him to start this business called Vibrant Life Oklahoma.

The reason that caused them to start this business and get this vision for helping people with their health and nutrition and recovery was because he wanted the main aspect of it to be done in people’s homes. He wanted home nutrition and recovery to be part of the main aspects of this company. The reason is because he knows people can do better with recovery if they are in the comfort of his own home. He himself was able to recover much quicker and enjoyed being able to beat his own home. Home is where the heart is and it was where your family is which is why you can recover quicker.

The last thing you want to do if you’re sick is go to a hospital or doctor’s office. Let’s be honest, getting Tulsa IV therapy is already a process enough and you don’t want to have to travel on top of that. That’s why he will travel to you because he is the doctor and that is how it should be. That is why he has this vision for helping people all over Tulsa and Claremore and Rogers County. He always wanted that to be his vision was to help other people and that is why he started his chiropractic operation in 1998.

Ever since he became a doctor he is have this vision for Vibrant Life Oklahoma and now hit it has finally come to fruition. If you are somebody who is in need of Tulsa IV therapy you can get on their website at to learn all about the services that they offer and the products that they have for IV therapy. If you need to get your nutrition, regeneration, and detoxification all in check, Dr. Warren is the doctor that you need to sign up with. You can sign up for treatment with him by calling 918-342-9803 or you can book an appointment on their website as well. Whatever is most convenient for you.

The Doctor You’ve Been Waiting For

This content was written for Vibrant Life Oklahoma

The doctor that you have always wanted is found that Vibrant Life Oklahoma. His name is Dr. Warren and we will tell you all about them during this article. He focused on a three-part process involving nutrition, regeneration and detoxification. This home health Center actually helps you get better and learn about nutrition in the comfort of your own home. So if you’re in need of Tulsa IV therapy, call 918-342-9803. We will tell you all about the idea therapy that they offer and how does custom tailored to you.

Getting custom tailor medications is something that is standard when it comes to Vibrant Like Oklahoma. That you realize that it was called Vibrant Life? That is because he wants you to live a vibrant life and one that is full of success and happiness. You cannot be truly happy if you do not have the proper energy levels and you are always feeling tired and sick. There is no way to live a vibrant life when you are always sick and tired. So stop being sick and tired all the time and call Vibrant Life and see what IV therapy can do and the change that it can make in your life and your appearance.

Most people are concerned with their physical appearance and people often try to fix their physical appearance and make themselves themselves look good. That is people’s main motivation for working out. But looking good is only half of the equation. If you do not feel good, then you may be a candidate for Tulsa IV therapy. Not feeling good can be a result a lot of different things. If you are sick, tired, or stress and fatigue all the time, being sick could be part of what is happening because your cells are not getting the proper nutrients. If your cells are straining to get the proper nutrients, you need to be sure to check into IV therapy.

Dr. Warren is somebody who takes care of his patients. From day one of meeting him, you will be able to tell the difference in the care that he gives you. The first reason is that he will come to your home or office for your first consultation free of charge. He will also come to your home for your follow-up visits as well. That was his goal when starting Vibrant Life Oklahoma was to start a home recovery and health Center where he would actually traveled to the patient instead of the other way around. He is a very unique doctor that has a vision of progress for the future when it comes to medication.

Have he is also very progressive and the types of medications that you give people because he customizes it for every single treatment and patient. Even the nonsurgical treatments and out patient procedures he customizes for each patient. He doesn’t just do the same thing for each patient because he knows that different medications work well for some people and other medications work well for other people. He make sure that all of the services are up-to-date with the industry standard and he is always looking to improve his Tulsa IV therapy so it is the best in the business. If you want the IV therapy that everybody is talking about call 918-342-9803 to book your risk free consultation.