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We offer intravenous nutritional therapy here at Vitamin C IV Tulsa, also known as IV therapy. therapy is used to treat various conditions most commonly infections, allergies, chronic fatigue, high blood pressure, and so much more. We custom tailored the therapies for each patient’s Healthcare needs. Some of the that IV therapies include high dose vitamin C, hydrogen peroxide, Alpha lipoic acid, glutathione, Myers cocktail, chelation therapy, and Lumen therapy. IV Therapy helps administer the nutrients directly to the body to help ensure that the patient is receiving immediate therapeutic response. This therapy ensures maximum Effectiveness with minimal side effects.

Vitamin C IV Tulsa also offers Prolotherapy, Prolotherapy is good for healing the soft tissue injuries. We like to offer prolotherapy because it’s a less invasive treatment option for our patients than surgery or joint replacement and it helps restore the damage tissues in the joints and soft tissue. the therapy is also better than over the counter treatment such as Motrin which interferes with the body’s natural ability to heal. Here at Vitamin C IV Tulsa we like to treat our patients with as much natural healing as we can.

Detoxification therapy is another kind of therapy that we do offer here at Vitamin C IV Tulsa. this is beneficial to our patients who need Liver detoxification and liver rejuvenation. Services for pain management are also available. We offer a micro pen which is microneedling and it helps with the treatment of acne scars, this helps rejuvenate the look of a useful experience. Our offices also include Gardasil injury treatment which was associated with the Gardasil vaccine which caused injury to many people who got the vaccine. Our treatment helps to reverse the effects and help better the quality of life of these people who experience symptoms of side effects.We actually have a really lovely patient testimony on her experience of receiving treatment for the Gardasil injury treatment on our website that you can go check out.

Chiropractic therapy is another service that is offered at Vitamin C IV Tulsa. Chiropractic therapy is beneficial for patients who have back pain, neck pain, Injuries, and more. vibrant care believes that chiropractic therapy can change improve your Quality of Life by improving nerve communication to the body, improving your joint motion, improving your posture, and offering relief from pain.

Patients can book an appointment online for the services at or call us at 918-740-1612. Our website also includes patient testimonials that let our future patients know about our services and what others think about the treatment that they received from us. we also have more information on our services on our website feel free to go watch our videos and check out more information on “our services” page on our website.

Vitamin C IV Tulsa | Natural healing is best

Vitamin C IV Tulsa Also offers our patients nutritional testing and counseling. the nutritional testing Counseling Services consist of a 21 day purification cleanse, we offer a weight loss program, hormone testing, nutritional transmitter testing, adrenal fatigue, evaluation and supplementation, and B12 injections. the purification cleanses to help the body release its natural toxins it lasts for 21 days and you’re given a specific diet that you can eat. the weight loss program with the help of our nutritionist will help you lose about one or two pounds per week. Our neurotransmitter testing is to help identify any imbalances, and if any kind of mental health disorders are identified then they can be treated as such. Did you know fatigue glands are tested to make sure their hormones are balanced. and the B12 injections that we offer can help boost your B12 levels if they’re low which will help with a lot of the patient’s overall health.

We also offer integrative cancer treatment for our patients here at Vitamin C IV Tulsa. the integrative cancer treatment Will help with the patient’s overall health, responses to existing cancer treatments, and whatever type of cancer treatment is being given to the patient. this helps improve the patient’s quality of treatment for cancer so that they receive less side effects from the other treatments.

Vitamin C IV Tulsa Helps recovering addicts. we offered drug and alcohol detox for our patients. we believe that the key to detox is receiving the right amount of nutrients and being able to detox from the substance. the Lumen therapy treatment facility also allows patients to stay if they request surveillance while they are under our care for drug and alcohol detox.

One of our Innovative therapies that we have is Lumen therapy we offer the start patients here at Vitamin C IV Tulsa. this intravenous light therapy is to help replenish the blood cells with the use of visible wavelengths of red, green, or blue. These wavelengths are a low level infrared laser light that stimulates the circulation of the blood and stem cells. The red light gives energizing effect, the green light improves oxygen carrying ability of blood cells, And the blue light improves microcirculation. the therapy helps to treat various chronic medical conditions. we help with their cravings, our system focuses on healing the body, and we correct the imbalances that they have from drug use.

Vitamin C IV Tulsa Offers a variety of different services available to our patient Healthcare needs. these services are to treat a variety of different health conditions and our programs are customizable for each of our patients Healthcare needs. overall we really care about our patients Health here at our facility and we really push to practice more natural healing. a lot of our services are natural healing based and improves the body’s natural ability to heal itself. we believe in the importance of overall Healthcare and well-being and promote better health for our patients by providing them these services. more information about our services can be found on our website. our patients can book an appointment online at or call us at 918-740-1612. where eager to answer all of your Healthcare questions and look forward to helping our patients feel like their best self.