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IV Therapy as Integrative Cancer Treatment

The treatments for cancer, which include chemotherapy and radiation, can truly have a draining effect on the individual. There is one fundamental reason for the high degree of weakness and fatigue following either of these treatments, and that is the lack of available nutrients for the body to absorb and use for healing.

Let’s start with chemotherapy. The main objective of chemotherapy treatments is to keep the cancer cells from continuing to multiply or divide. So, basically, it’s the process of killing off the bad cells. It’s just that many good ones have to go too. There are a wide range of chemicals that are used to bring this about. Then there is radiation treatment. This, again, involves killing off cancer cells with radiation. 

Benefits of Integrative Cancer Treatment

With a serious condition like cancer being treated, it will probably take a few different approaches to bring relief to the patient. Each kind of treatment should have a complimentary effect on the other treatments being administered. This is called an integrative cancer treatment. 

There are generally two sides to a well-administered integrative cancer treatment. There are the treatments like chemotherapy and radiation, among others, that are used to destroy the disease itself. Then there are treatments given as measures against the side-effects of the cancer treatments themselves. 

It takes close collaboration between a team of therapists and doctors to bring this together. Not only is the physical health of the patient at risk, the mental and psychological health can suffer as well. So psychiatrists will often take part here. 

How IV Therapy Works

The use of IV therapy can greatly reduce the discomfort and side effects of chemotherapy and radiation. Due to the nature of these treatments, the strength of the immune system can be greatly reduced. This can lead to every kind of infection under the sun. Fatigue, hair loss, pain, sexual dysfunction and a host of other ailments can also materialize. 

When the right vitamins, minerals and other nutrients are given to the body using IV therapy, these symptoms can be greatly diminished. Best of all, they can be kept from happening if the IV therapy began early enough during the treatment. Depending on how bad the cancer is and the level of treatment, the following might be used in IV therapy for cancer: 

Glutathione is contained in cells of the human body and acts as a kind of antioxidant that keeps the cells from deteriorating. It also has a part in many of the body’s naturally occurring processes. It has been used to treat Parkinson’s disease, fatty liver and psoriasis. It’s one of the most important nutrients that can be given with IV therapy because it can directly stave off infections and rid the body of toxins associated with cancer therapy. 

Vitamin C is almost always given in very high doses during an IV therapy treatment for cancer. As part of a properly managed integrative cancer treatment, it has become practically indespensible. Vitamin C has an antioxidant effect like no other nutrient. Glutathione is the only nutrient that can compare to, and even surpass, Vitamin C’s antioxidant effects. When Vitamin C is given in high doses, it can cause the blood to produce hydrogen peroxide. 

Hydrogen peroxide will even further help the body fight infection during IV therapy. The great thing about hydrogen peroxide is it kills bad bacteria. However, good bacteria will often thrive in an environment containing it. It doesn’t get in the way of the good bacteria that can be part of a natural healing process. 

Alpha lipoic acid will often increase the presence of the vitamins E and C. It is also used for nerve pain that is associated with diabetes and it will often help with discomfort associated with cancer treatments. It’s also used by the body’s organs as a source of energy, making it extremely valuable in IV therapy. 

Chelating agents are used during a successful integrative cancer treatment for reducing harmful metals in the body. These include mercury and iron. It also reduces the amount of arsenic in the body, helping the recovery process along even further. 

When integrative cancer treatment methods are applied, there is definitely a higher probability of recovering from cancer. The key is to customize the treatment to each individual’s needs.

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